Why You Should Never Stop Reading Why You Should Never Stop Reading
To some people, picking up a book whenever they have some free time is the equivalent of a person who flips out their phone... Why You Should Never Stop Reading

To some people, picking up a book whenever they have some free time is the equivalent of a person who flips out their phone to check mails, messages or their social media during their breaks. The question is, is one action better than the other?

Many would definitely say reading is a much better option at occupying one’s leisure time rather than staring at the phone or watching TV. What makes reading such a fundamental skill to acquire and an important habit to cultivate?

Reading develops the mind

Our brain is a muscle that requires constant exercise. One way of doing so is by engaging the mind in stories through the written word. The stimulus provided through the words awakens the senses in the mind and brings it alive. Children who are encouraged to read from young develop good language skills which in turn help them to be good users of the language through writing and speaking.

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Reading develops the imagination

Albert Einstein once said that imagination is more important than knowledge. Many of the world’s greatest inventions came from people who dared to imagine great things and bring it to life. Reading is one such method to help bring out the best of our imagination.

A book with just words forces our mind to be filled with images of the characters, setting and possible outcomes of the story. So if you think your life is getting a little mundane, try picking up an interesting book and see how your life transforms.

Reading develops a good self-image

Most readers seem to have a very positive image of themselves. This could probably be attributed to the fact that they are able to speak and write better as well as feel creative with their work.

Another point to remember is that many well-paying jobs require good reading and analyzing skills which gives the avid reader an upper hand in the job market.

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