Declutter Your Life in 5 Creative Ways Declutter Your Life in 5 Creative Ways
When you open your wardrobe, are you greeted with shelves of clothes just waiting to burst out of the door? Or when you slide... Declutter Your Life in 5 Creative Ways

When you open your wardrobe, are you greeted with shelves of clothes just waiting to burst out of the door? Or when you slide open that make-up drawer, you see a multitude of items and finding for that particular mascara you used a month ago is going to take you an hour at least? Well if the scenario above is a small reflection of your current home or office, then you’re living in clutter.

Decluttering is actually an extremely liberating action. When you do declutter, you’ve got lesser items to clean, lesser time spent searching for something, lesser stress and more money because you would realise you don’t need certain things in life. However, when it does come to the act of decluttering, many people have the problem of not knowing how to declutter or where to begin. As a result they end up postponing it and the problem just grows. So here are some creative ways you could kick start your decluttering activity as the year end approaches.

  • List the places or things you need to declutter

Always start the decluttering process by jotting down all the places in your home or at office that has clutter. So let’s say you have 10 places with clutter, tackle one place per week or if you have more time then two per week.

  • Use the 6 months approach

My dad used to tell me that if I’ve never used a particular item for the past 6 months, then I most probably will never be using it and don’t need it in my life. So open that closet or your store room and start removing the things you’ve never touched in half a year. While doing this you’ll most probably start realizing that you had forgotten you even had certain items. That’s a sure sign you need to get rid of it.

  • Give away or sell one item each month

There are a lot of organisations out there that could use some of the items you no longer need. So why not do something charitable by donating your stuff. Or there are also shops where you could sell off your items and save money for yourself. Following the one-month rule also motivates you to constantly keep decluttering instead of just doing it once in a blue moon.

One suggestion of a place you could sell off pre-owned items is through Ebay.

  • Remove digital clutter

Clutter isn’t necessarily just the physical things we own. There are also the intangible ones like all social media you’ve signed up to but never really bother using.  Or perhaps you’ve collected this massive amount of digital photographs and they’re not really of sentimental value to you. So start cleaning up those areas as well. Be connected only to platforms you really want to be in and start sorting out digital files that really hold value to you.

Tip: Use a hard drive to store important files so that you can keep your laptop or desktop as clutter free as possible.  Check out All IT Hypermarket or Aone Plus to get your hard drive.

  • Use organisers

There’s a variety of products today that make decluttering easier for you. From make-up items to shoes, clothes and kitchen pantry, there’s a nifty product out there that can help you sort things out and even save space for you.

Check out BigSale’s Daily Deals for really cool organisers.


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