New Year Warehouse And Clearance Sales In Malaysia [1st January 2016]
It’s time to welcome the new year with a fresh makeover! Drop by new year warehouse and clearance sales happening this weekend to give you and your family a fresh new makeover. Whether you’re in the mood for brand... Read more
Superfoods For Pregnant Mums
Pregnancy is one of the most magical time in a woman’s life. However, with much joy, comes much responsibility. Everything you eat as a pregnant mother will affect your baby’s health and its up to you to make sure... Read more
Back To School Tips For Parents
 The back-to-school season has started and this may need a bit of adjusting to for yourself and your child. Especially when all this happened right after a long break when all the normal routine that your kids were used... Read more
Cough And Cold Home Remedies For Your Children
Some parents panic every time their children get sick. However, it’s very normal for kids to have colds or flu . These illnesses usually last about 7-10 days and there is little that can be done to make it go... Read more
Celebrate Sinulog In Cebu This January
Sinulog is the festival to celebrate Senor Santo Nino, or the Child Jesus and Cebu is the center of the Sinulog celebrations in the Phillippines. It is also an important commemoration to mark the Filipino’s acceptance of Christianity. For... Read more
Packing For A Winter Vacation
In temperate countries of the northern hemisphere, like in Europe, America, Japan and China, it is now winter and the season will last until March, after which Spring begins. Many Malaysians here take this opportunity to have a holiday... Read more
Organizing Your Bedroom On A Budget
One of the places we spend long hours in besides our office is our bedroom. On average a person spends about 6 to 8 hours of their daily life in their bedroom. It’s important that we spend some time... Read more
Top Three Places To Visit in Magical Bali
The island of Bali has the reputation of being one of the most beautiful places in the world, not only because of its naturally astounding scenery, but also it’s artistic culture. Bali is famous for its stone, wood and... Read more
Ideas for End of The Year Activities (If you’re not travelling)
Not travelling this year? Well no worries because there’s plenty of stuff you could do back home that will still spell fun and joy for you. Here’s a look at some of the activities that you and the family... Read more
5 Make-up Looks To Try For Your Holiday Parties
As the year winds down, you’ll have almost every weekend packed with parties and dinners to attend. You’ve gotten all your outfits planned but what about your make-up? What should you go for: glitter on the eyes or bold... Read more