Back To School Tips For Parents Back To School Tips For Parents
 The back-to-school season has started and this may need a bit of adjusting to for yourself and your child. Especially when all this happened... Back To School Tips For Parents

 The back-to-school season has started and this may need a bit of adjusting to for yourself and your child. Especially when all this happened right after a long break when all the normal routine that your kids were used to during school days have been thrown out the window. So today’s tips is about how to transition yourself and your child to being back in school.

Break time ideas

Of course it is really convenient to give your child some pocket money to get his lunch at the school canteen but it’s neither healthy nor friendly on your pocket. It’s not very difficult to make something nutritious and easy for your kid’s break time. The trick to getting them to eat it is also to change the menu frequently. Use Pinterest as your source of inspiration. Lauren’s Latest has an excellent post featuring 50 Healthy & Easy School Lunch Ideas.

Once you have a weekly plan for break time menu, shop for your ingredients at Tesco, Aeon or Mydin.


Plan for back-to-school shopping

Make sure you only start your back-to-school shopping once you’ve created a list of everything you need to buy. Check if the school has given any list of supplies that they will need for the new semester. Do check on your kids current school stationery, clothes and bags to see if there are any that are still usable or needs to be thrown out. Read our article about back-to-school shopping tips for some ideas on how to save money when preparing for the new schooling year.


Create a schedule

During the holidays, all the routine you had for the kids would have been thrown out of the window. They would have been staying up late and waking up late as well. There would have been an increase in the time they could spend watching television or playing games. So don’t wait till the night before school starts to get them back into the routine. This is going to be really hard and would just cause you stress. Start about a week before school begins and get a timetable ready as well for their homework and play time to get the kids mentally prepared.

Get yourself organised

Sometimes we think that preparing for the new school season is just about the kids but even the parents need a bit of organizing to do. Have you organized for the school transportation? Have you done all your paperwork and file work related to the school and your own work? You don’t want to be stressed out with the chaos of getting kids ready for school and having unfinished work at your end. Get your diary or organizer from Popular bookstore to stay on top of things. Currently Popular bookstore is having a back-to-school promotion with up to 50% discounts.


Stay healthy

The moment the kids start school, they’re bound to come home having caught a flu or something. This is unavoidable but you can minimize the occurrence of it. Give your kids the multivitamins they need to boost their immune levels. Check out Caring or Watsons pharmacy for some supplements to boost immunity levels.



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