Tips On Travelling Alone Safely Tips On Travelling Alone Safely
I admire people who are able to travel solo and especially if they are women because it shows so much of confidence and independence... Tips On Travelling Alone Safely

I admire people who are able to travel solo and especially if they are women because it shows so much of confidence and independence in them. If you’re an avid traveler, you will realise that not every time your travelling buddies are able to fit their schedules with yours. So you’re left with the question of should you abandon your travel plans or pack up and travel solo?

The good thing about travelling alone is that you can set up your own itinerary and not feel burdened about accommodating to other people’s needs and preferences. Unfortunately, travelling alone as a woman also has its disadvantages and it is usually related to safety. However following certain tips can help ensure that you have a safe and memorable trip when going for a holiday with just yourself as company.

Be aware of your surroundings

There will always be people preying on others that appear vulnerable. The key to avoiding this is to be extra vigilant when moving around and look confident. Choose to hang out in places that are more populated and brightly lit. Also make sure you always remember your way around.


Research well

Get full information about the place you’re staying in, its location and what the surrounding area is like. Store in your phone and keep a hardcopy of emergency contact numbers and other details like nearest police station, hospital and a local person you could contact for help. Make friends with a local person whom you feel you can trust and get them to give you tips on places to avoid and places that are safe to travel alone.

Travel light and small

Locals know how to spot a tourist and many often assume that as a tourist, you must be carrying loads of cash and valuable items with you. Dispel this thought by carrying smaller bags and avoid wearing any jewelry items. If someone is attempting to take your belongings forcefully then just give it to them as there is no point getting hurt over material things. Throw your belongings away from the person and run as fast as possible away.


Fight only if necessary

If you’re stuck in a situation where you can’t escape from a person, then fighting back is the only way left. Time your attack well as you do not want to be wasting precious energy trying to get yourself free. Aim for the vulnerable parts of the body such as the eyes, throat, nose and groin.


Travelling alone shouldn’t be a scary experience but it pays to take extra precautions. The rewards of being an independent traveler are huge.

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