Fun Home Decor Ideas For Your Living Room Fun Home Decor Ideas For Your Living Room
Bored of the same old stuff in your living room? Need some ideas to jazz things up a little in that space? Well we... Fun Home Decor Ideas For Your Living Room

Bored of the same old stuff in your living room? Need some ideas to jazz things up a little in that space? Well we have some furniture and decoration that’s going for really good prices and we think that it would make any living room a cool place to hang out.

Japanese Tatami Mat (From RM 59)
The tatami mat, an idea from traditional Japanese homes takes a cosy spin here. Instead of straw, these ones are made of soft, plush material with anti-slip backing to prevent accidents. The soft coral fleece tatami surface doubles as child’s play space or sleeping mat. It comes in so many neutral colours to add warmth to your room.


2 in 1 Play Mat and Storage Sack (RM 39)
If you have young kids, chances are you have a living room strewn with their toys. A sheet that can be spread open as a play mat or bunched together to gather and store clusters of toys is a solution to all that clutter. The sheet is made out of water-resistant material which is suited for outdoor use and protects contents from water exposure. Now you can have a neat and tidy living room without worrying about stepping on one of toys soldiers again.


Rattan Hammock Chair (From RM 599)
Hammocks are such cool things to have in your living room because it gives you a cosy place to lie on and relax. This beautiful rattan hammock chair is perfect for a reading nook and is suitable indoor or outdoor use. It is made from sturdy aluminium frame with iron base so it is extremely safe to use.


Cartoon Themed Sofa (RM 85)
If you love cartoons and animation, then you’re going to love this chair. This cartoon themed sofa is made to resemble characters like Totoro, Minion, Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma and are so cute. It has memory foam filling which provides optimum neck, back, and shoulder support without misshaping. There’s also a slightly raised arm rest for optimum comfort.


Straight Wall Shelf (RM 29)
Sometimes a wall shelf can do wonders to the space in your living room. Use the shelf to display cute family photos or display collections from your travels. Get this carved wood design shelf that’s water-resistant and mildew-resistant to ensure durability. There are also other design options available so do check out the link to see if you  like the other designs.


Set of 56 Piece Wall Stickers (RM 29)
These wall stickers just transform a drabby wall or window into something uber cool. The adhesive shapes can be pasted directly onto smooth and flat surfaces and it leaves no sticky residue with proper removal. The stickers are available in circle, heart, star, or triangle shapes and come in metallic gold, pink, white, grey, or black colours.


Rainbow Projection Light (RM 25)
Now a rainbow isn’t a daily occurrence and seeing one just brightens up your day. However with this projector, you can have a rainbow in your home perpetually. The projection light illuminates a rainbow in two different modes where Mode 1 turns rainbow on at once and mode 2 turns rainbow on one colour at a time.


Cat or Dog Plush Toy Pillow RM39 onwards
If you love animals, you’ll definitely want one of these! These plush pillow toys are super soft and so adorable. It also comes with removable stuffing for easy cleaning.


Illusion 3D LED Night Light RM49
Check out this cool 3D LED night light! It’s available in 5 different acrylic designs: Iron superhero figure, iron superhero head, spider superhero, kitty and balloons. The acrylic designs are removable so you’ll be able to buy more designs to project a different design every time. It’s also touch sensor activated.


Vintage Mural Wall Sticker RM109
Love vintage art? Why not create a feature wall using this self-adhesive interior decor? They are reusable, water-resistant and are available in 5 designs: metal signs, newspaper, Lisbon windows, words on the wall and mosaic tiles.