How To Choose The Perfect Disposable Diaper How To Choose The Perfect Disposable Diaper
New parents are faced with a huge selection of baby accessories that need to be obtained in anticipation of the bundle of joy. Arguably,... How To Choose The Perfect Disposable Diaper

New parents are faced with a huge selection of baby accessories that need to be obtained in anticipation of the bundle of joy. Arguably, one of the most essential items is the diaper. However choosing the right and best diaper can be daunting.

Stacks and rows of the stuff adorn the racks of department stores and the sheer number of brands available can create the need to ensure that only the best and most cost effective choice is made. Check out our tips below on how to choose the perfect disposable diaper for your baby.


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The most important factor that parents should pay attention to is the size. Sizing most commonly are categorized by the weight or age of the infant ranging from 0- 36 months. However not all babies are the same and getting the perfect fit is vital to ensure comfort and prevent leakages.

It is important to remember that, for the first 6 months at least, your baby will grow at a rate 2 cm and 100 g per week, so don’t bother bulk buying as it will be outgrown in the blink of an eye.

Secondly, the comfort factor should be assessed. This can be quite subjective but a good indicator is that baby sleeps well between feeds and  play. Nappy rash, while common, can also be exaggerated by the choice of diaper.

Nasty nappy rash could be an indicator to experiment with other brands. Also do look at the skin for any signs of constriction as this could point to an improper fit, especially around the thighs.


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An overlooked but pertinent characteristic that the ideal diaper should possess is that it is user friendly. This is especially true for older children who have full and vigorous muscle dexterity. The struggle of the mum trying to get the diaper changed in a cramped nappy room or on an airplane can be agonizing. Look for easy to secure velcro fasteners rather than cumbersome button or sticker mechanisms that require additional steps such as peeling of the adhesive labels.

A more obvious and marketed feature that a diaper should have is the storage capacity. Different brands have different patented  technologies but generally the most commonly available are gel packs. If they do come with an indicator, that is a welcome bonus feature. Gel packs work well because they stay reasonably dry. This also reduces nappy rash. However, it does tend to be heavier and some babies might find it uncomfortable.

Finally, the cost is an important consideration. It can be surprising the amount one has to spend on this disposable item so getting the most cost effective option is important for many parents.

The good news is that the market is very competitive and  many promotions happen all the time in supermarkets. Online stores are able to provide even bigger discounts and bulk purchase savings. Do be cautious on bulk buying as you could be stuck with unusable sizes if your baby has had a recent growth spurt.

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