Money Saving Tips From A Real Mum Money Saving Tips From A Real Mum
As a mom of a 7 month old, I want the best for him which lead me to take an extended unpaid leave. I... Money Saving Tips From A Real Mum

As a mom of a 7 month old, I want the best for him which lead me to take an extended unpaid leave. I cherish the fact that I am able to stay at home and be with him but that also means I have to really tighten our belts. So that lead me to a journey of discovering all the ways I could use to save some money. Here are some of my favourite methods:

Grow Your Own Veggies
If you think that growing of veggies is only for farmers then you’re in the same boat as I was. Well the thing is you don’t need to be growing vegetables on a large scale and neither do you need huge huge plots of land. You could even grow veggies in pots which means condo living dwellers can do this too.

Start with easy ones like curry leaf plant, chillis, basil, ladies finger and mint. You’d be surprised with how exciting it is to eat your own produce and save money as well.


Buy Generic Brands
We all have our preferences for where we buy fruits and vegetables, but buying store brands can save a lot of money, especially if it’s on simple items such as plastic wrap, oatmeal, paper towels and dishwashing soaps. Stores like Tesco and AEON have their own brands that are really good in quality.


Shop End-of-season Sales
If you’re not really bothered about having to follow the latest trends in fashion for your kids, then shop for their clothes and essentials during end-of-season. It is also a good idea to make a note of some of the functions your child might be attending for the year like weddings or parties so that you won’t forget to buy those going-out outfits during the sale. Take a quick look at the sales available on sites like Bigsale so that you will never miss one.


Buy Last Year’s Car Seat Model
Don’t get this year’s hot car seat model. Instead choose an older model that would see a huge reduction in its price. You should also check out online for even bigger savings. For example, we found this one from Groupon Malaysia for RM229.


Buy In Bulk
Buying individually wrapped food such as peanut butter crackers, cookies and more can drive up the price. Instead, buy the food in bulk and then distribute it yourself, in snack-size baggies for your family.


Make Your Own Toys
OK, you probably are shaking your head and thinking, “I barely have time to take a shower. How can I possibly craft something?” Well don’t worry. Have you ever realized that to your child even the most mundane household items become toys to them? One easy toy requires no assembly: Simply save baby jar lids, wash them, and you have an instant counting/sorting/stacking toy for a toddler.


Think Borrow, Not Buy
Instead of buying new books and DVDs every time your child wants something different to read or watch, take weekly trips to the library and get a new array of books and videos. If going to the library isn’t possible for you, then create a chat group for all your mum friends and have monthly swaps.



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