10 Watch Styles You Should Own Right Now 10 Watch Styles You Should Own Right Now
Wearing and enjoying fine timepieces is a passion that many people have. Some people collect watches to wear while some do it as an... 10 Watch Styles You Should Own Right Now

Wearing and enjoying fine timepieces is a passion that many people have. Some people collect watches to wear while some do it as an investment. Bottom line is, getting a nice watch is important because it adds character to your dressing besides doing its job of telling you the time.

If you would like to start a mini collection of some really nice watches, how about taking a look at some watch styles that we think you should have.

Studded Wraparound Watch (RM 20)
This vintage-style accessories are the rage now and this vintage looking watch is one that you should add to your accessories collection. It has a really edgy look to it as well with the metal studs and wraparound strap. The bronze-tone bezel and Roman numerals on a yellowed dial enables you to wear this for those days when you’re out in town.


Omax Watch (RM 79)
The Omax range of watches have movement powered by Japanese quartz technology. They’re available in a variety of beautiful alloy-based designs that’s suitable for dressier events . This deal has 18 models available so you’re sure to find a design that you really like.


Watch with Cat Shape Gold Case (RM 39)
To all cat lovers or those who love anything cute, you’re definitely going to adore this watch. The watch dial is decorated with gold-coloured frame that forms a cat’s face with spectacles. It comes with matching dial hands and is available with black, white, or leopard-print straps.


Skmei Water Resistant Sports Watch (RM 29)
It can be cumbersome if you’re swimming and find that you’re unable to tell the time. Well with this water resistant sports watch you not only can tell time underwater, but also be able to time your sports activities with stopwatch features,  calendar , alarm and more. There are several varieties of the watch with each having a host of functions.


Rotational Scale Watch (RM 79)
This square dial watch would look really fancy and cool on any wearer. The watch consists of a 60-point digital scale, a 12-hour digital scale, and a calendar. Dial is available in colours such as yellow, orange, blue, black, or red.


DZ09 Smart Watch (RM73)
If you’re looking for a watch that can be your personal secretary, then a smart watch is your best bet. The DZ09  watch syncs with your smartphone’s contact list, text messages, and audio files which means you could actually use your watch in place of a smartphone. Additional features include a pedometer, sleep monitoring, anti-theft, sound recorder, and calculator functions. The watch also controls your phone’s camera remotely so that you could take your own selfies with ease.


Chronograph Watch (RM 129)
This beautifully designed chronograph watch is something we recommend for those with an active lifestyle. The waterproof silicon band ensures that you never have to deal with the smell of sweat trapped in leather watches or that your PU leather strap starts becoming flaky. The large numerals on the dial help you get a quick glance of the time for your next activity or appointment.  The watch is also water-resistant up to 30 meters.


Crystal Bracelet Watch (RM 159)
This bracelet watch is designed with adjustable straps and round watch head embellished with 40 crystals. If you have a special event coming up, this will be the perfect accessory to complement your outfit.


LED Digital Watches (RM 45)
Available in 5 different bright colour combinations, this sleek and funky watch is great for parties or even workout sessions. It’s touch screen-enabled and the slim strap reduces occurrences of trapped heat and sweating.


So Charm Crystal Watch (RM 129)
Can’t get enough of crystal-embellished watches? Here’s another analogue style watch which is available in 5 stunning colours: Noir, Blanc, Bleu, Rose, or Rouge. Our favourite? The Blanc!



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