More Awesome Deals On Mooncake Festival More Awesome Deals On Mooncake Festival
The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Mooncake Festival or Lantern Festival, is one of the most important festivals of the year for the... More Awesome Deals On Mooncake Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Mooncake Festival or Lantern Festival, is one of the most important festivals of the year for the Chinese peoples around the world, and dates back over 3,500 years. People celebrate by giving mooncakes filled with lotus paste and a salted egg yolk to their friends and neighbours. So if you’re looking for some really delicious mooncakes to purchase, then look no further because we’ve found the good ones for you right here.

JMM Premium Mooncake RM75.90
This premium mooncake box set contains 6 different flavours ranging from traditional ones such as white lotus with yolk to more modern combinations such as coco tiramisu and pandan white lotus.


Teochew Yam Mooncakes (From RM42)
Indulge in Teochew yam mooncakes; vibrant yam filling that is used instead of the traditional lotus paste and encased in a pattern of two dough types with different oil contents that resulted in flaky spiral skin exteriors, or opt for decadent cakes decorated with frosting or fondant to curb toothsome cravings.


Purple Cane Mid Autumn Tea Mooncake Set RM98
How adorable is this mooncake set! It comes in 8 flavours including a pack of Liu Bao (1st grade) tea. Flavours include traditional ones but the stars of this set is definitely the charcoal rose tea lotus and dates paste green tea flavours.


Homemade Jelly Mooncakes by My Jelly Mooncakes (From RM29)
Want something a little different but equally as special? These yummy homemade jelly mooncakes are available in boxes of 4, 8 and 16. If you’re hosting a party, be sure to order the set of mini ones so that everyone can enjoy! Valid for self pick up only.


Old Master Q-Themed Icy Mochi Mooncake Set from Hong Kong Bay (From RM 39)
Hong Kong Bay combines Old Master Q comic to create unique mooncakes that will bring joy to the recipient. With a variety of mooncakes ranging from pandan delight, durian lotus, charcoal yam custard, vegetarian-friendly varieties, and more you would be spoilt for choice. These sweet oriental pastries can be found in mall-based kiosk located in Johor, Petaling Jaya, and Kuala Lumpur.


Box of 4 Fruit Jelly Mooncakes and Box of 8 Snow Skin Mooncakes from Milky Way. (From RM 29.90)
Established in 2003 as a manufacturer of Halal festive and traditional biscuits and snacks, Milky Way has since set high standards on how tasty treats are made and traded. Using fresh ingredients, Milky Way promises really tasty mooncakes. There’s also delivery available.


BMS Mooncake (Sugar-Free) RM107.60
Health conscious? Don’t worry! Get a box of BMS Mooncakes and you wouldn’t have to miss out on mid autumn season. These mooncakes uses healthy ingredients such as beetroot, black sesame, matcha green tea and more. Their brand new gift box can also be used as a lantern after you unpack it.

Mooncake Collage Resized-530x500

Yu-Ai: Box of 4 Assorted Mooncakes at 4 Kiosks (From RM 33.90)
When the Yu-Ai first started out in 1980, it only specialised in manufacturing food fillings and was well known for their kaya filling. Nine years after, they have grown into a household brand known also for their mooncakes with kiosks strategically located in shopping malls.


Mid Autumn Guan Cang Tea Set RM49.90
Also from Purple Cane, this mooncake set comes in a set of 4 including a Bamboo Charcoal Goldfish Biscuit plus 1 box Year 2006 Guan Cang Puer Tea (65g). Enjoy free shipping when you spend more than RM100 from Purple Cane!



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