Fun And Educational Toys For The Young And Old Fun And Educational Toys For The Young And Old
Playing is important to children and it is the way they practice growing up. A simple toy or a well developed one can help... Fun And Educational Toys For The Young And Old

Playing is important to children and it is the way they practice growing up. A simple toy or a well developed one can help your child practice developing motor, visual and auditory skills. As adults sometimes we forget the joy of playing with toys. Sometimes it is good to just let ourselves enjoy having fun and games with toys. Today’s deals brings a selection of toys that are not just for the young but could also bring fun for the older ones.

Toy Construction Vehicles (From RM 49)
Little boys, especially, delight in learning the names of every kind of digger, dozer, and excavator. Indeed, many adults never grow out of their love for trucks, which is why we see so many men love getting their own monster trucks or making their cars look like one. Get these cool construction vehicles that has rolling wheels with tread which will improve play time experience and helps children identify types of construction vehicles. The toys are available in 3 different models.


Kitchen cookware + Fruits and Vegetable Toy Set (RM 49)
With the popularity of children cooking shows and competition these days, many kids now have a desire to be creative in the kitchen. A real kitchen can be a dangerous place for them  so how about starting them with this children’s playset with realistic cookware and Velcro-attached fruits and vegetables. The realistic design of toys aid in a child’s development of hand-eye coordination, precision, and fine motor skills. You can also teach children about the possible dangers in a kitchen setting with this toy set before allowing them to enter a real one.


Rechargeable Remote Controlled Helicopter (RM 75)
MEn have always been fascinated with flying objects from long before. The desire to fly or operate something that can fly is a passion for many. If you’re one of those, then get this helicopter with built-in stabilising gyro which is designed with a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. The flying time for the helicopter is up to 10 minutes per charge and it comes with 3.5-channel precision controller.


Electronic Keyboard Toy (From RM 35)
Singing and music play an important and is present in many aspects of our lives. Playing music at an early age helps children recognise that they have the ability to create something that can be appreciated. Cultivate that musical interest in your child or even yourself by getting an electronic keyboard toy that has multiple functions.


Electronic Backseat Driver Toy (RM 25)
Does your child beg you to let him/her have a go at driving all the time? Or do you need a really good toy to keep your child occupied while he/she is in the child seat the back? Then this electronic backseat driver toy is your best bet. It allows children to play the role of a driver with a portable battery-powered steering wheel. And has light and sound: Engine start, right and left signals, honk, and brake.

Package includes 1x battery-operated steering wheel, 1x side mirror with suction and 1x stand.


Neodymium Magnet (RM 39)
Neodymium magnets are really cool as it can be arranged and shaped into figures, patterns, and more. It can be used as an educational toy in developing spatial awareness, creativity, and puzzle-solving skills. For adults, use this set as a stress reliever or break in between serious work while you create interesting shapes.

This set is made of 216 neodymium magnet spheres and it includes a storage case. The magnets are available in silver and gold.


Toy Archery Set (RM 65)
Kids just love shooting games because it challenges them to get their targets right every time. Get this toy archery set for your young ones and see how it puts a huge smile on their face. The bow launches arrows which stick to a target board through contact with suction cupped tips. The package includes 1x bow, 1x target, 3x arrows, 1x sight and 1x quiver.



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