Warehouse Sales Happening This Weekend [16 September 2016]
Check out this week’s round-up list of the best warehouse sales happening in KL and Penang! Plenty of discounts from Sasa, branded shoes, lingerie, mattresses and also toys. Jetz FFL Sasa Warehouse Clearance Sale Skincare, fragrance and cosmetics galore... Read more
Bargain Hunters: From Seafood Platters To Sea Spa
From the beginning of time, humans have been mesmerized with water and more so with the ocean and the sea. Perhaps it’s the mystery of the dark depths of such large body of water or it could be due... Read more
7 Restaurants To Enjoy Buffet RM50 And Below
Tired of spending over RM100 for a buffet meal? Then this list is made for you! Feast Japanese, Western, Thai, Korean and Chinese cuisines that are all RM50 and below. Shogun / Saisaki Healthy Japanese Buffet Restaurant™ RM43 *Pork-free... Read more
7 Must Have Items For Pokemon Go Players
Are you in on the Pokemon go craze that’s happening right now? Well, you’re not alone and many people are equally excited. As you walk around playing, you’ll definitely need some things to support and keep you going. Here... Read more
Protect Yourself From Zika With These Mosquito Repellents
Ever since we have received the dreaded news that the Zika virus has reached our shores, we have been extra vigilant about getting ourselves and the family safe from this virus. The Health Ministry has set up guidelines to... Read more
Get Your Dream Job: Interview Wardrobe Essentials
You’ve heard this a thousand times: First impressions count. This is even more so true when it comes to attending an interview. Wearing the right clothes and wearing them well can make or break the decision of hiring you.... Read more
Wear This For A Slimmer Waist – RM3 Onwards!
Want a quick fix to get a slimmer waistline? Check out these bargains deals on high-waist slimming panties to avoid unwanted curves. Perfect to be worn with your office attire or that body-fitting dress for a special night out.... Read more
Want Great Hair? Deals On Hair Treatment Services
Having shiny and a full bodied hair is a sign of health. When your hair is damaged, the scales may separate and hair can become dry, prone to breaking and look dull. So if you feel that it is... Read more
Eyeshadows To Bring Out The Sparkle In Your Eyes
Eyeshadows come in many forms, including powder, gels, creams and pencils. They are perfect for bringing out and highlighting the beauty of your eyes, which may otherwise look a little dull. Check out these eyeshadows that you can use:... Read more
Exciting Travel Deals For The School Holidays
The coming week is going to be a whole load of fun especially since it is the start of the school holidays and there are two public holidays in the same week. If you haven’t planned anything yet for... Read more