Top 10 Affordable Deals on Tasty Grilled Dishes Top 10 Affordable Deals on Tasty Grilled Dishes
Craving a taste of grilled meats or fish? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our list featuring top 10 restaurants that are offering... Top 10 Affordable Deals on Tasty Grilled Dishes

Craving a taste of grilled meats or fish? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our list featuring top 10 restaurants that are offering amazing and affordable deals on delicious grilled dishes from Western to Middle-Eastern cuisines.

Nasi Ayam Sempoi, Medan Selera Ramal
Deal: RM15.90 Flame-Grilled Prawns with Garlic Butter Sauce for 1 Person

Craving for scrumptious seafood flavours? Then, feast on a scrumptious serving of flame-grilled prawns accompanied by flavourful bites of garlic butter rice topped with cheese for a hearty seafood meal.


Fikcles Cafe, TTDI
Deal: RM27.90 Grilled Chicken Maryland with Drink for 1 Person

Whether you’re a fan of the state or you just like your chicken cooked that way, this grilled Chicken Maryland will hit the spot! Savour a delicious grilled chicken topped with creamy gravy, and wash it all down with an iced lemon tea.


Six Seasons Hotel, Jalan Klang Lama
Deal: RM28 Italian Herb Grilled Fish Spaghetti with Onion Rings for 1 Person

Pamper yourself to a scrumptious Western set meal at Cafe Six Seasons! This offer includes a starter of Onion Rings and a main course of Spaghetti Italian Herbs and Grilled Fish. Great for a lazy afternoon of indulgence.


White Sand Cafe, Empire Damansara
Deal: RM28.80 Grilled Salmon with Mocktail Drink for 1 Person

Sample a taste of the ocean with the smoky-sweet flavours of a grilled salmon at White Sand Cafe. Accompanying its rich flavour, choose from the available selections of mocktail such as Shirley Temple, Spiced Mojito and Rosemary Whisper.


Pot & Pan Restaurant, Putrajaya International CC
Deal: RM32 Steamboat and Grilled BBQ Dinner Buffet for 1 Person

Begin your meal with some appetisers such as assorted salads and ulam-ulam Melayu. Then, move on to main courses of meat, fish and crustaceans. Pair your mains with vegetables, surimi, noodles, tofu, and soup. Complete your meal with desserts of various sorts available on the buffet table.


Arab Hadramot Restaurant, Bukit Bintang
Deal: RM49 Mixed Grill Platter for 2 People

There’s almost nothing better than chowing down on a platter spilling over with a variety of succulent, delicious meats. This platter comes with lamb kebabs, chicken kebabs, shish taok, soup, and much more.


FoodJunkies Cafe, Seksyen 7
Deal: RM69 The Hulk Mixed Grill Platter for up to 5 People

Go berserk with The Hulk at FoodJunkies where you’ll score a mixed grill plate of ribs, steak, lamb, chicken, and more, along with thrree homemade sauces! That’s a whopping good meal suitable for a group of hungry people- yum!


Bobogo Steamboat, The Strand
Deal: RM70 Steamboat and Grill Barbecue Buffet with Free Flow Drinks for 2 People

Indulge in a steamboat and grill barbecue buffet to create your own meal, and fill your tummy with your delectable cooking! Ingredients include fresh seafood such as lala, prawn, crab and also tofu, fuchuk, quail eggs and more.


Aladdin Shisha Lounge and Restaurant, Publika
Deal: RM80 Mixed Grill Set with Drinks for 2 People

Come along this magic carpet ride to uncover a gastronomic journey of taste and discovery at Aladdin Shisha Lounge & Restaurant! Enjoy sumptuous authentic Middle Eastern Mixed Grill (0.5kg) with the accompaniment of a friend, paired with a refreshing drink and delectable dessert to round up this magical meal.


Fisherman Grill, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park
Deal: RM98 Signature Grilled Fish with Steamboat Set for 4 People

Want the best of both worlds with something grilled and something soupy? Chow down on a scrumptious grilled fish and munch away on steamboat galore! This package comes with 1kg of grilled fish and a steamboat set with 6 different ingredients.