Go Green: Tote Bags To Replace Plastic Bags
This year, residents of the Klang Valley are being heavily discouraged from using plastic bags, as the state of Selangor and the city of Kuala Lumpur implements a complete plastic and styrofoam free environment for all businesses. This means... Read more
Decorating Your Kid’s Room The Cheerful Way
Children’s rooms are where they spend a large part of their day and therefore, it should be a place associated with fun and cheer. Parents are usually the ones that decorate their children’s rooms and its therefore important to... Read more
Got A Friend Who Loves Hello Kitty? This Is What You Should Get Her
It’s not hard to find Hello Kitty merchandise especially when you’re shopping online. That said, it can be slightly tricky to look for Hello Kitty products if you’re planning to get it as a gift for someone who isn’t... Read more